Let The Patients Find You With Ease!

Use our powerful tools to rank first on the Google results, and leverage our platform to develop a prominent and interactive online presence - Helping you reach potential healthcare consumers wherever they are online, and making a long lasting impression.

  • Positive reviews & 5 star ratings
  • Online profiles optimization
  • Interactive, user-friendly, & mobile-responsive websites
  • Charting the Google rankings


Effortlessly Book Appointments For In-Person or Virtual Care

Allow your patients to conveniently schedule & reschedule their appointments online, by offering the facility on your website, Zebdoc platform, social accounts, along with all other touchpoints. And bundle it up with notification & reminder alerts sent via texts, emails, & notifications.

  • Appointment scheduling on multiple platforms
  • Optimized website for the ease of booking
  • Prompt integration with your EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
  • Simplified experience to schedule visits


Digitize Patient Forms For Streamlined Data Collection

Say goodbye to paperwork and time-consuming data entry with our cutting-edge solution for digitizing patient intake forms. Zebdoc empowers healthcare providers to streamline their data collection process by transitioning from traditional paper forms to a seamless digital experience.

  • Intuitive interface for patients
  • Online intake forms submission before appointments
  • Time-saving for in-person visits
  • Secure storage of digitized forms
  • Elimination of mistakes and misplaced paperwork
  • Quick accessibility to essential patient information


Utilize Telemedicine & Texting For Direct Patient Communication

Connecting with patients has never been more convenient, with our integrated telemedicine and texting features.

  • Conduct virtual appointments via secure telemedicine system
  • Provide quality care from patients’ homes
  • Texting functionality for direct and instant communication
  • Keep patients informed about appointments and updates
  • Address patient inquiries in real-time


Manage & Amplify Positive Patient Reviews To Enhance Reputation

Harness the power of positive patient reviews and take control of your image in this digital age. As Zebdoc equips you with the required tools to effortlessly collect, manage, and amplify patient feedback.

  • Display testimonials on relevant online platforms
  • Enhance practice credibility and attract new patients
  • User-friendly interface for online review responses
  • Transform satisfied patients into brand advocates
  • Develop a reputation aligned with exceptional patient care


Analyze Practice Performance & Optimize Strategies Through Reporting

Unlock valuable insights and elevate your practice with our advanced reporting tools. Gain a comprehensive view of your practice’s performance through detailed analytics and intuitive visualizations. Zebdoc empowers you to:

  • Make informed decisions through tracking key metrics
  • Identify trends for strategic optimization and growth
  • Utilize reporting capabilities for appointment scheduling and revenue analysis
  • Enhance operational efficiency with clear insights
  • Deliver exceptional patient care through data-driven decisions


Attract, Retain, & Cultivate Lasting Patient Relationships

Nurture lasting connections with your patients through our comprehensive suite of tools designed to attract, retain, and cultivate loyalty.

  • Seamlessly manage appointment scheduling
  • Send personalized reminders
  • Provide secure telemedicine options to enhance convenience

Zebdoc’s robust features empower you to tailor patient experiences, ensuring they feel valued and cared for at every touchpoint. By putting patient engagement first, you’ll not only build strong relationships but also create a thriving practice.

Paperless Practice Onboarding With Zebdoc,
As We Automate, Digitize, & Grow Your Practice

Experience Zebdoc’s exceptional onboarding and dedicated support to empower your team in effectively utilizing our solution. We ensure seamless setup, continuous guidance, troubleshooting, and round-the-clock assistance for your practice management journey.

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