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Driven by our goal to improve healthcare, with our focus directed towards Practices, Patients, Processes, & Technology - We offer all healthcare practices with a wholesome & all-in-one platform that drives your practice’s consistent growth, stability, and innovation, leading to an enhanced patient intake, experience, relation, and the consequent success.


The last few years have been quite challenging, and have proven to be exceedingly difficult for the healthcare industry to develop, as the pandemic-affected patient influx put a halt to the overall growth of medical practices.

With an objective to help make a difference - Zebdoc has dedicated itself to offering and constantly improving a turnkey platform that enables all healthcare practices to become more effective & efficient in their day to day processes, easily accessible to patients, and can establish a new stream of patients.

Our patient management platform has paved the way for digital healthcare, breaking barriers and bringing doctors & patients closer than ever before, with the facilities of easy & instant communication, strengthened workflows, seamless televisits, along with ways to enhance a practice’s online presence.

Revolutionizing Patient


Our result-oriented team, bundled with our digitally forward & versatile platform with its extensive features, puts us leaps ahead of the competitors - As we aim to take healthcare practices forward with us; so that your staff can be unburdened, everyday processes can be streamlined, patient intake can be increased, and a positive reputation can be built, while you focus on success.

With Zebdoc Your
Practice Is In Secure Hands

We ensure to keep your practice and patients safe - Zebdoc is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, and we provide security for more than just your practice. We understand the delicacy of medical information, and make sure that no one’s privacy is compromised, while no HIPAA laws are breached.

Practices put their trust in us with confidence when it comes to data security and private information including patient medical records. We provide powerful encryption on your Patient Management System that is foolproof, and also helps you build doctor-patient relationships, while retaining long term patients.

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