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Syra Aesthetics’ Success Story


In the dynamic world of medical spas, efficiency and seamless med spa management are vital for providing exceptional patient care and achieving success.

This case study showcases the transformational journey of a prominent medical spa, Syra Aesthetics, that partnered with Zebdoc to gain new clients, streamline their operations, enhance patient experience, and facilitate growth.

Client Background

Our client, a well-established medical spa with multiple locations, aimed to elevate their med spa to new heights of efficiency, profitability, and success, however, they faced significant challenges in managing their operations, including appointment scheduling, billing, and even patient communications. These obstacles hindered their ability to deliver exceptional patient care and maximize their revenue potential.

Challenges Faced

Appointment Scheduling Complexity

The client struggled with efficiently managing a high volume of appointments across multiple locations - resulting in scheduling conflicts, long wait times, and as a consequence, frustrated patients.

Billing & Revenue Management

The manual and time-consuming billing processes led to delays, inaccuracies, and potential revenue losses. They needed a streamlined solution to automate their billing workflows and ensure enhanced revenue capture.

Patient Communication & Engagement

The client recognized the importance of effective patient communication but lacked a centralized system for managing patient communications, appointment reminders, as well as follow-ups. They sought a solution to enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.

Implementation of Zebdoc

Zebdoc worked closely with the team at Syra Aesthetics to address their unique challenges and implement solutions tailored to their needs.

Here’s how our exceptional platform helped them overcome their obstacles:

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling

Our fastest appointment capture and practice management platform provided a comprehensive online scheduling system with a user-friendly interface, allowing the client to efficiently schedule and manage appointments across multiple locations.

Integrated features such as real-time availability, automated appointment reminders, and waitlist management significantly reduced scheduling conflicts, improved patient flow, and enhanced overall practice efficiency.

Automated Billing & Revenue Management

Zebdoc automated the billing process, including generating invoices, processing payments, and even managing the insurance claims.

Built-in revenue management tools enabled accurate tracking of financial performance, identifying areas for improvement, and optimizing revenue capture.

Enhanced Patient Communication & Engagement

Syra Aesthetics leveraged Zebdoc’s platform integrated communication tools to streamline patient interactions, send personalized appointment reminders, and facilitate secure two-way messaging.

Automated patient communication workflows such as post-appointment follow-ups and post-treatment satisfaction surveys, improved patient engagement and the satisfaction levels.

Results & Benefits

The collaboration between Syra Aesthetics and Zebdoc yielded remarkable results:

Increased Efficiency

Optimized appointment scheduling, minimal wait times, eliminated scheduling conflicts, and improved patient flow, resulting in a much more efficiently functioning med spa.

Enhanced Revenue Capture

Automated billing and revenue management processes significantly reduced billing errors, accelerated payment cycles, and improved revenue capture, leading to increased financial stability.

Improved Patient Experience

Seamless communication and personalized appointment reminders improved patient satisfaction and engagement, enhancing their overall experience.

Business Growth

With streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and improved patient satisfaction, Syra Aesthetics experienced sustainable growth and expanded their clientele base.


Through the implementation of Zebdoc, Syra Aesthetics achieved remarkable improvements in practice management, patient experience, as well as business growth.

The seamless integration of appointment scheduling, automated billing, and enhanced patient communication empowered the client to focus on delivering exceptional care, while optimizing their operational efficiency.

This success story serves as a testament to the transformative impact that Zebdoc can have on medical spas as well as healthcare/dental practices, setting the stage for exponential growth, success, and exceptional patient care!

Product Used

Appointment Scheduling

Online Patient Payment

Texting Platform

Automated Reminders


patients booked appointments at Syra Aesthetics through Zebdoc.


Increase in appointments


Reduction in patient no shows


Reduction in incoming phone calls