Capture Appointments,
Streamline Operations & Enhance Patient Experience:

A Case Study of Family Medicine Practice


In today’s fast-paced healthcare landscape, medical practices face numerous challenges. The challenge for clinics is to capture appointments in the fastest way possible, reduce manual data entries and prepare for appointments whereas patient challenge is to book appointments with reduced human effort, find experienced doctor as per their reason for visit and book appointment at the convenience of their home

This case study explores how Zebdoc partnered with Family medicine practice in New York to transform their operations, increase patient volume, streamline workflows, use digital Patient intake form and elevate the overall patient experience.

Client Overview

Manhattan Medical Arts is a leading multi-specialty medical practice that serves a large patient population across various medical disciplines. With a commitment to providing high-quality care, they sought a comprehensive practice management solution to optimize their processes, enhance productivity, and improve patient satisfaction - all with an objective to fulfill their commitments and exceed patient expectations.

Challenges Faced

Before implementing the Zebdoc, Manhattan Medical Arts constantly encountered several key challenges, including:

High Patient turnover

Manhattan Medical Arts was not aware that their patients were not able to book appointments due to unavailability of features that patients were looking for and many patients called but left due to long wait times in the queue.

Manual Administrative Tasks

The practice relied heavily on manual processes for appointment scheduling, patient registration, and billing, leading to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, delays and increased administrative burden.

Lack of Centralized Data & Communication

Data silos and fragmented communication channels resulted in a disjointed workflow, making it challenging to access critical patient information in real-time.

Limited Patient Engagement

The practice also struggled to engage patients effectively, resulting in missed appointments, communication gaps, and inadequate patient experience.

Solutions Provided

To address these challenges, Manhattan Medical Arts decided to partner with Zebdoc. The platform offered a comprehensive range of exceptional features and solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of the medical practice, including:

Robust Appointment Scheduling

The practice gained access to a user-friendly and intuitive appointment scheduling system, enabling efficient booking, rescheduling, and cancellation processes. Also, real-time availability and automated reminders played a great role in improving patient compliance and reducing No-show rates.

Streamlined Patient Registration

Zebdoc facilitated seamless electronic patient registration, eliminating paper-based forms and redundant data entry. This streamlined process reduced administrative errors, improved data accuracy, and saved valuable time for both staff and patients.

Integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR)

This state-of-the-art platform seamlessly integrates with the medical practice’s EHR system, enabling centralized access to patient data, medical histories, as well as treatment plans.

This integration enhanced care coordination, minimized duplicate records, and also improved clinical decision-making.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Zebdoc introduced patient engagement tools, such as secure messaging, appointment reminders, and personalized health information sharing. These features empowered patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey and facilitated stronger provider-patient relationships.

Outcomes & Benefits

With the implementation of Zebdoc, Manhattan Medical Arts achieved remarkable outcomes and significant benefits that include:

Increased Operational Efficiency

The practice experienced streamlined workflows, reduced administrative burden, and improved staff productivity. Automated processes freed up valuable time for staff to focus more on patient care and enhanced overall practice efficiency.

Improved Patient Experience

With enhanced patient engagement tools and streamlined communication channels, patients reported a more positive and personalized experience. Access to secure messaging and appointment reminders improved patient satisfaction and diminished communication gaps.

Enhanced Financial Performance

The medical practice observed improved revenue cycle management with increased patient volume, timely claim submission, verified patients, and reduced error rate - this contributed to a healthier financial position for the practice.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The practice benefited from comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, providing actionable insights into key performance indicators, front office management and appointment trends. This data-driven approach enabled the practice to make informed decisions and optimize their Practice operations.


The partnership between Zebdoc and Manhattan Medical Arts has resulted in significant improvements across various aspects of the practice. By leveraging the platform's advanced features and solutions, the medical practice successfully streamlined their operations, enhanced patient experience, and improved financial performance.

Through automated appointment scheduling, streamlined patient registration, integrated EHR, and enhanced patient engagement tools, Manhattan Medical Arts achieved increased operational efficiency, improved patient satisfaction, and optimized financial outcomes.

The practice now enjoys streamlined workflows, reduced administrative burden, and improved staff productivity, while patients benefit from a more personalized and engaging healthcare experience, leading to better patient compliance and stronger provider-patient relationships.

The success of Manhattan Medical Arts is a testament to the power of partnering with and utilizing Zebdoc - since the medical practice effectively addressed their challenges, harnessed the platform's capabilities, and achieved remarkable results.

As Zebdoc continues to further innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions, it remains committed to supporting medical practices like Manhattan Medical Arts in their pursuit of excellence in patient care, operational efficiency, and overall practice success.

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